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How Time Flies



William Shatner; Trixstar Productions


To create a live show that allowed Mr. Shatner to tell stories unhindered by topic sequence.


In this interview styled show format, the script, technical support and directing agenda required a format and structure which would allow Mr. Shatner to jump spontaneously from topic to topic.


The show ran seamlessly and Mr. Shatner performed unhindered. The show went on to Broadway and eventually became the basis for a television special on cable.

How Time Flies – William Shatner’s Live Canadian Storytelling Tour – Live Show

William Shatner’s Live storytelling tour, “How Time Flies”, was based on the book by the same name. In an interview-style format, music writer and broadcaster, Alan Cross, interviewed Mr. Shatner on a wide range of topics from his personal life to his work as an entertainer. Mr. Shatner would respond to questions from Mr. Cross and tell stories supported by video clips, photos and text graphics. A PowerPoint cueing system was created, which was highly compartmentalized, allowing the director to reorganize on the fly the content which included story cues, videos, photos and text graphics. The technical crew and the director were grouped as a cluster offstage. Onstage, cueing screens were visible to the performers. The script was written such that Mr. Shatner could easily wander from the fixed agenda at any time. The screens onstage facing the performers served as prompts for both Mr. Shatner and Mr. Cross.

The tour played in all major venues across the country from Vancouver to Montreal, supported by a crew which included a video director, the show director (and writer), and the story cue manager. It eventually went on to Broadway and was later filmed as a TV special for cable. It can be seen on the Movie Channel.

Case Study Video By Our Friends At Trixstar Productions

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How Time Flies – William Shatner’s Live Canadian Storytelling Tour

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