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Ashley Fine Floors



Ashley Fine Floors


Produce a radio campaign for Ashley Fine Floors that differentiates them from other retailers in their sector lobbying for a share in a commodity market.


To sustain the process, Michael Kryton continues to draft various hooks and then marries the most appropriate ones to the current campaign message.


Ashley Fine Floors has received very positive feedback about their radio commercials from customers and colleagues. While many report sluggish traffic and sales, their retail sales have been steady.

Ashley Fine Floors - Radio Campaign

Ashley Fine Floors was struggling with a creative approach to deploy in their radio advertising. The creative solution was to focus on making fun of advertising techniques married to a personable narrative and perspective delivered by Ashley. A strong unexpected hook followed by a simple message broke through the clutter. The recording sessions at CORUS radio are seamless and, within an hour, a pool of three commercials can be created. Great creative. Quick turnaround.

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