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Chamber Ball



Edmonton Chamber of Commerce


Create a live corporate event that accommodated the corporate agenda and promoted the Chamber’s brand and message, while entertaining the attendees, all within a tight timeline.


The creative agenda required an event script, show directing, a tribute video to the Northern Lights Award of Distinction winner and supplemental videos for sponsors and other creative themes within the event.


The event has been celebrated by the media as one of the most complex events in Edmonton. In one year, the Premier of the Province had his plane wait on the tarmac until the event was finished. The event augments the Chamber’s brand.

Edmonton Chamber Of Commerce Ball

Over a period of 17 years, the Chamber Ball has been one of the marquis corporate events in Edmonton. The format of the show has remained similar, but the various title themes required different creative components such as live action scenes or specially produced video vignettes. The tribute video for the Northern Lights Award of Distinction winner has remained a fixed component of the event.

The Chamber Ball has been attended by an average of 1000 people a year. The creative for the event has been driven by the show script and involved up to 100 elements including the tribute video. All facets of production were covered by the team along with ancillary technical support from preferred suppliers. This included scripting, filming, audio recording, editing, lighting, sound reinforcement, live cameras (including crane cameras), live mixing for music performances, and capture (recording) of the entire event.

The tribute video was produced in a documentary style and devoid of corporate overtones. The objective was to tell a story that revealed the success and commitment to community of the recipient.

Melton Family Tribute Video - 2013 Northern Lights Award Recipient

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