The Execution Of Brilliant Ideas That Work

With over 40 years of experience in the field of written and visual communications, Michael Kryton is a force within a transmedia world of content ranging from broadcast to online. Michael Kryton defines and executes creative communications solutions that work. 

Sherwood Dodge - The Truth in Advertising

Radio, Performing, Directing, Producing, Writing

How Time Flies – William Shatner’s Live Canadian Storytelling Tour

Live Event, Performing, Directing, Producing, Writing

A Brilliant Idea Every 60 Seconds

A Brilliant Idea Every 60 Seconds” introduces a tested ideation and creative thinking methodology developed over the author’s 36-year career as a creative communications professional and ideation expert. This methodology and the associated tools are being applied in personal lives and professional careers, helping people connect to their individual way of operating creatively. This how-to book on ideation focuses an individual’s creative lens and makes the process of generating ideas highly tangible.

by Micheal Kryton | $9.99

What is Your Social Media Voice? September 12, 2018 | Article

  Echo chamber. Vacuum. These are just some of the terms used to describe the social media environment within which we communicate --- ubiquitously --- through posts and comments. The desire to communicate has become insatiable --- the need to post, comment and, for some of us, chase the viral unicorn. Some statistical context around engagement. My thanks to Jimit Bagadiya of…

Blue, Green or White? September 3, 2018 | Article

  You might recall that famous bike riding scene in the sky in Spielberg’s film, E.T. That scene was shot on a massive blue screen (originally called ‘traveling mattes’) using wires on the actors. Later, editors put an entire landscape and city behind them. At the time, blue was used because it is the furthest color away from red in the color…

Jen Murphy walks us through a St. Albert listing that was transformed by Edmonton Ultimate Makeover. See the transformation in this video. The house is now listed. #realestate

An article completed for Equity IR about a very successful company. Enterprise is a significant innovative company offering services to the oil & gas industry. Truth be told, they defy the pundits who claim business is slow in that sector. #innovation

Lisa @lisaPatrickBFD is delightful to work with. Truly a privilege to share a process that includes light moments. #video

Open house today at #8 Banting St. Albert 2 - 4pm. Makeover transformation by Edmonton Ultimate Makeover. Watch this video to see this great new listing from Jennifer Murphy (Jen Murphy Sells). #realestate #renovation

Another imMEDIAte production for realtor Jen Murphy and a new listing in St. Albert. Open house this Saturday 2 - 4 #8 Banting St. Albert. Check out the changes in this video. #realestate